Unit Videos

M4 Sherman Interior and Driving

The video below is a view from atop a Sherman while driving down a dirt road. I would like to thank and give credit to Bud Walker for letting me play with his tank for a day. Notice the high profile of the tank gives the commander an excellent view of the surrounding area. Also notice how the high profile could give the enemy and excellent view of your tank. The noise is incredible. I don’t know how the crew could effectively communicate even using intercom systems.

A view of the gunner’s position within the cramped turret
The loader sits on the left with rounds in the “ready rack”

Below is a video from inside the turret of the M4A4 while moving. The first thing you’ll notice is the loud noise of the engine. Secondly you’ll see how difficult it is to keep the camera steady. The ride is definitely not smooth. What I’m mainly trying to focus on here though is the level of isolation the commander and crew must feel inside. The small observation slits in the cupola are the only things between the commander and viewing another enemy tank or A-tk armed infantryman. This is exactly why the Dragoon sections had to move right along side by side with the tanks. Given the limited view inside the turret, there’s no way for the commander to see a well concealed enemy until it is too late. Try to picture yourself going through the hedgerows of Normandy “buttoned up” inside your tank.