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Fort Indiantown Gap
January 28 - 30, 2010

     The Dragoons once again attended the annual Battle of the Bulge event sponsored by the WWII Federation. We use this weekend strictly for training and socializing. Here unit members discuss rifle section tactics in the training area.

    In addition to our outdoor activities we use also took the opportunity to conduct classroom exercises as well. Here Brian Neri instructs us on map reading and compass land navigation.

     Back to outdoor fun in the brisk weather. During this evolution team members were required to run forward from a defined starting point carrying all the correct implements of a Bren gun section in combat. After darting approximate 10 yards they would drop and place the gun into action by loading a mag and readying the charging handle and sighting in. We timed the various teams from "go" until the Bren was ready to be fired. Pictured on the Bren are Walter Brocker and Mark Synder from the King's Own Regiment. They drove all the way up from North Carolina to partake in the event and participated in our Dragoon training classes throughout the weekend.

    Back inside the barracks we had a full office / reception area set up. Brian's wife Linda spent time manning the operational switchboard as well as typing out various reports and greeting visitors. Our communications lines were run from the 1st floor up to our friends from Beer Company in the 2nd floor cadre rooms.

    No FIG event would be the same without our annual Polish family meal. This year's menu included pierogees, borscht soup, biogos stew, kielbasa, rye bread, wine and poppy seed roll for desert. Everyone brought something to share. In addition we also had period prewar Polish music to serenade us. Pictured are Linda Neri, Chris Moore, Rich Holliday, Darrell Henning and Brian Neri.

     As an organization we like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication our members put into interpreting Polish history. Here Zach Mateja is officially promoted to "Senior Private" or Straszy Dragoon by Sgt. Petronis.

     Brian and Linda pose for a period shot before getting ready to head home.

Nordwind Invitational Tactical
March 25 - 27

     As has been the case for the last four years Sgt. Petronis was asked to play the role of Captain by the Nordwind event command staff. Our unit members therefore selflessly sacrifice their trigger time to volunteer to help out in task force head quarters. Here Cplt. Moore and Drgn. Neri prepare maps for the tactical briefing Petronis is to give to his troops the next day. In addition to clerical duties both Moore and Neri volunteered to act as radio operators for the task force during the tacticals.

     Here's a view of some of the mechanized elements of our task force while on the tank trail enroute to the tactical area. Notice the haze from the dust being kicked up by the column. I'm glad we weren't driving forward for days at a time in stiffling heat as the orignal veterans did during the Normandy campaign. Pictured here are our friends from the 15th Recce in their half track. Behind the armour are two vehicles from the Polish Paratroopers. 

     The raw weight and power of armor is always awe inspiring. Here Bud Walker manouvers his firefly cross country during the battle.

     Wireless operator Neri stands by to transmit orders to our attached units.

Eisenhower Farm NPS Gettysburg, PA 17-19 Sept

     This year's Gettysburg event was great. Our team was joined by James Lobaza from Ohio who represented the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade. Jim also brought his meticulously restored air borne jeep with him. In addition we were honored by the presence of Maj. M Wozniak, Polish Assistant Military Attache from Washington D.C. He and his lovely family spent the day viewing our display as well as touring the other living history groups present.

    The weather Sunday was a bit warmer so we decided to swap out to our denim uniforms. This year also debuted our latest addition to the unit. Natalie K brought a great Polish Red Cross field kitchen display complete with Polish breads and other food. It brought a new aspect to our overall layout and was very well received by the public.

As always one of the major hits of our display is Brian Neri's personal motor pool. On Sunday Brian attempted to work on the valves of his M20. He didn't get far however as it attracted the motorcycle "gear head" crowd within a 20 mile radius. Consequently Brian did more talking than working.

24th Annual Living History Time Line, Matterhorn Inn,
West Dover VT. 2-3 October

      The WWII Polish LHG was invited to participate in a time line event sponsored by the Living History Association and town of West Dover 200th anniversary committee. Our display consisted of the unit half track, HQ area and machine gun nest. The Saturday festivities commenced with a bicentennial parade through the main part of town. After that, the camps were open to public interpretation for the next two days. Here Sgt. Petronis discusses the Bren gun with visitors.

     On Saturday we were honored with the presence of Kazik Barut, member of the 7th A-Tk regt from the II Corps. Mr. Barut participated in the parade and subsequent public Q & A afterwards.

     Here Kazik mans the .30 cal MG in the ring mount of our half track as the parade gets under way. During his time with the II Corps, Barut was qualified to drive a number of both British & American vehicles. In addition to a half track he also drove, Sherman Fireflys, jeeps, British Valentines and all manner of motorcycles.

     Our WWII Polish Red Cross representative standing in front of the display area.