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carrier side.jpg

Ford T16 Universal Carrier

The Dragoons used varying models of universal carriers throughout the war. Shown above is our latest acquisition.
This particular serial # was produced in early 1944. It is marked as belonging to the 2nd Squadron. The name Husarz
is listed in the regimental history as being assigned to the commander of the
reconnaissance section  which served to provide the
eyes and ears
of the various line squadrons as assigned.

Here is a frontal view. The standard distinctive 1st Armoured Div winged hussar insignia is adjacent to the unit number 54.
The spare water and fuel cans were referred to at the time as "flimsies" due to their habit of bursting under combat conditions.
Also attached is a spare road wheel, spare track section and camo netting for concealment when parked.


A top down view of the driver's and commander's forward area.
The noise created by the radiator fan and engine was such that effective communication between crew must be done
via the ws19 radio crew intercom system.
The addition of the .30 caliber M1919A4 was not a standard TO&E item. Numerous period pictures however
show various armament upgrades for carriers in the field. The use of the .30 cal in this role is well documented.

A final shot showing the rear of the T16 again with unit markings and tool box.
Also note the interesting towing system with leaf spring.

The standard crew tools are also stowed behind as well as the long rod used to manually crank
the engine over should the battery fail.

Here are three brief videos of our carrier in use on Youtube

Carrier in Use

Here is a look at two of the many motorcycles owned by our member Brian Neri. These are both BSA M-20's but with slight variations between the two. The M20 in the foreground made it's introductory appearance with our unit at the Wings Wheels and Tracks show in Cobleskill this year.

December 2008, Brian Neri proudly shows that are no wimps in the Dragoons. Astride his early war Indian Scout he is undaunted by the snow. U.S. ambassador to Poland Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle (1937 - 43)  gave 20 of these machines, known to the British as Indian Mark I's, to the Polish army shortly after it's arrival in England. The 10th Dragoons received several of them as they were the reconnaissance unit for the fledgling 1st Armoured Division.

     In addition to his multiple motorcycles, Brian is also the proud owner of this 1944 Ford GPW. The markings are correctly placed for a jeep of the Dragoon Regiment.

      A rear view of the jeep. Notice the addition of a British five gallon "Jerry Can" instead of the standard U.S. fuel carrier. Between the half track, motorcycles and jeep I think we have one vehicle for every member of the unit.

Yet Another Motorcycle

Don't laugh. Against the better advice of his wife Sgt. Petronis has acquired a BSA M20.

     The hope is that it will be a little more enjoyable to drive than a half track. Here Brian Neri tries figure out

where to put the handlebars.Yes this restoration has a long way to go. We'll post pictures once it starts

to look more like a motorcycle again.

Here Brian removes the foot brake so that we could close the door. The good news for Petronis is that

the restoration must move quickly. Otherwise Brian can't get his other cars out of the garage. Anybody got a

good rear fender they want to donate? I'll trade you an antique Kentucky license plate for it.

chris m20.jpg

Update 6/5 - Slowly but surely the M20 is coming along. Brian and I spent all day just working on the rear end. Here I pose next to the product of our labor. I know it doesn't look like much but putting on the tire and tube alone was a pretty big effort. Brian is the brains behind the operation, I was just there for manual labor.

My M20 is making marked progress. Brian has gone through every internal part and if it wasn't prefect, replaced it. When this thing is done I'll be too scared to ride it as this machine will look as if it just rolled off the assembly line. Part of me thinks it should go to a museum. Well, I'll probably get over that and ride it anyway.

Did I mention Brian's not only interested in motorcycles? The latest addition to the vehicle collection is this 1942 Taylor craft. I guess we should probably be posting this on our PAF 305 squadron site but here's Brian's new toy. Now we just need to get some heavy artillery pieces we can spot for.

The very basic interior of the Taylorcraft. As with everything else Brian owns, this plane looks as if it was made yesterday.