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Video Downloads

This page will give you the opportunity to download various video clips that have information dealing with our unit activities. These clips should be viewable using "Quick Player" or "Windows Media Player." Both are available for download free of charge. The link to "Windows Media" is located on our "Polish Rifle Drill" page. To download the following videos,  right click on the small download icon beneath it's description and follow the instructions in your dialog box.

The video below is a view from atop a Sherman while driving down a dirt road. I would like to thank and give credit to Bud Walker for letting me play with his tank for a day. Notice the high profile of the tank gives the commander an excellent view of the surrounding area. Also notice how the high profile could give the enemy and excellent view of your tank. The noise is incredible. I don't know how the crew could effectively communicate even using intercom systems.

Download sherman moving.mpg

A view of the gunner's position within the cramped turret

The loader sits on the left with rounds in the "ready rack"

Below is a video from inside the turret of the M4A4 while moving. The first thing you'll notice is the loud noise of the engine. Secondly you'll see how difficult it is to keep the camera steady. The ride is definitely not smooth. What I'm mainly trying to focus on here though is the level of isolation the commander and crew must feel inside. The small observation slits in the cupola are the only things between the commander and viewing another enemy tank or A-tk armed infantryman. This is exactly why the Dragoon sections had to move right along side by side with the tanks. Given the limited view inside the turret, there's no way for the commander to see a well concealed enemy until it is too late. Try to picture yourself going through the hedgerows of Normandy "buttoned up" inside your tank.

Download sherman cupola.mpg

      Live Fire Training Weekend
Aug 1-2, 2009

This is a short camera video taken of StarzyDragoon Moore during our live fire training weekend. Here Moore shoots from a moving half track at various targets interspersed within woods and clearings. The difficulty of this taught us how hard it was for the troops to fire with accuracy in the bumping, jolting venue of a ring mount. The noise of the engine and .30 cal do not help matters.

Download chris m ht.mpg


Here is a quick clip to show how fast one can burn through a 20 round magazine on semi auto. Just think how quickly you'd see your ammo go at 550 rounds per minute for a full auto model. Here I was just basically trying to see what I could hit from 25 yards shooting from the hip. The results were very disapointing.

Download rapid TMSG.mpg

Flag Dedication Ceremony
Eisenhower National Park

Here is part one of the video taken in Gettysburg, PA September 19, 2009. This initial part is my welcome and introduction . For more information and background on this ceremony, please see our "flag project" section on our home page.

Download Gburg flag1.wmv

Part two begins with remarks from Col. J Karcz USAR (ret), nephew of our original 10th Dragoon veteran LtCol. Jan Karcz Phd. (1st Polish Armoured Division). This is followed by some brief remarks from myself as to the symbolic meaning of the flag.

Download gburg flag2.wmv

The third section of this video are the brief remarks by BrigGen. Soczewica, Polish Military Attache to the United States, Embassy of the Republic of Poland Washington D.C.

Download gburg flag3.wmv

This is the fourth and final part of the video. The General is officially presenting the flag to myself and the unit. LCpl. Moore then troops the colours before the assembled men.

Download gburg flag4.wmv